Daily Show Prep: Wednesday, June 8

Hour 1

South Bend Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, Factually Incorrect About Minimum Wage | The Burning Truth

If you adjusted for inflation the from when it was actually established, it would only be $4.19 an hour. Not $10.10 an hour.

Controversies – FDA Warns of Deadly Anti-Diarrhea Drug Abuse – AllGov – News

The agency has received 31 reports of people hospitalized due to the heart problems, including 10 deaths over the last 39 years. The agency’s database is not comprehensive and many drug overdoses are not reported to the government.

Dad Sells Pothead Kid’s SUV | LifeZette

The ad says, “He thinks it’s cool to drive around smokin’ dope and acting all thug … especially not showing me and my wife the respect we deserve.”

Hour 2

‘Equality’ Conference Bans Straight White Men | Truth Revolt

FDA issues sweeping regulations for e-cigarettes for first time

The 499-page final rule would require regulatory reviews for electronic cigarettes, , and other products that went on sale after Feb. 15, 2007, unless the manufacturers can prove to the that they’re “substantially equivalent” to products that were already being sold or that there is some other reason they should be exempt.

Oh My God, Chewbacca Masks Are Now Targets For Racial Commentary – Matt Vespa

One could argue that maybe a tuition-free ride to college is a tad much for a viral video, but, alas, the racial commentary has to take a front-and-center role in ruining everyone’s fun because that’s what liberals do. Remind everyone to stop having a good time because we’re all racists, sexists, and misogynists whether we know it or not. Oh, and they will try to make a race commentary over everything. The latest victim seems to be a Chewbacca Star Wars mask:

Chewbacca Mom is charging ‘fans’ for photos now

According to TMZ, Chewbacca Mom (real name Candace Payne) sold autographs at the Fan Expo. Her booth was apparently next to Jack Gleeson, aka King Joffrey from “Game of Thrones.” The difference between the two? Gleeson achieved a career in television and film because of talent and hard work. Chewbacca Mom laughed at a piece of plastic she bought at Kohl’s.

“The history of unpopular people,” or why free speech is so important

– Holy Kaw!

has been a common topic of conversation recently, given the political climate in the United States. This video digs into the issues from a rational (read: Australian) perspective.

Hour 3

Mike Rowe Drops a Truth Bomb on Millennials: ‘Don’t Follow Your Passion’ | Truth Revolt

Recent graduates across the country have received an earful of accolades and encouragement to follow their passions from the likes of Matt Damon and even Barack and Michelle Obama. But blue-collar champion and Dirty Jobs star has an altogether different message in an online commencement speech of his own: “Don’t follow your .”