Walorski to give weekly Republican address – southbendtribune.com

IU students on strike – southbendtribune.com

So, this chick is protesting her debt which is less than the average car?

Law Schools Sued for Misleading Applicants About Job Prospects

Numerous lawsuits have been filed against law schools across the nation by former graduates who allege that the law schools deceived them about the success rates of their former students.

Despite sequester, State Department ups support for the UN | Fox News

Even as the mandated sequester bites into U.S. federal spending — and newly appointed Secretary of State John Kerry boasts that he is cutting his budget by 6 percent — the State Department is planning to boost spending on the United Nations in 2014 by more than 4 percent to at least $3.6 billion.

Wis. 8th Grade Crossword Puzzle Definitions: Conservatism = ‘Restricting Personal Freedoms,’ Liberalism = ‘Personal Freedom for Everyone’ | TheBlaze.com

Conservatism, it stated in part, believes in “preserving traditional moral values by restricting personal freedoms” while liberalism is for “equality and personal freedom for everyone.”

Dad Furious After Finding This Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack: ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights…to Be Safer’ | TheBlaze.com

“I am willing to give up some of my constitutional rights in order to be safer or more secure.”

Fewer Hoosiers Have Employer Health Insurance Than In 2000 | News – Indiana Public Media

The percentage of Indiana residents who receive health insurance through their employers has fallen over the last decade from 78 percent in 2000 to just 63.1 percent in 2011.

High School Student Mocks Ivy League Liberal Elitists | The Gateway Pundit

Despite the teenager’s 4.5 GPA, an SAT score of 2120 and work experience as a U.S. Senate page, she was shunned by Princeton, Yale, Vanderbilt and the University of Pennsylvania.

Suzy Lee Weiss: To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me – WSJ.com

Like me, millions of high-school seniors with sour grapes are asking themselves this week how they failed to get into the colleges of their dreams. It’s simple: For years, they—we—were lied to.

Obama: ‘Prohibit’ Americans from Saving More Than $3M in Retirement Accounts | CNS News

President Barack Obama’s proposed budget would simultaneously compel Americans to enroll in a tax-deferred retirement account and “prohibit” them from saving more than $3 million in such accounts.

UFC’s Matt Mitrione suspended for accurately describing transgender fighter Fallon Fox as a “disgusting freak” | Mofo Politics

After living 20 years as a man, Fallon Fox decided to become a woman. Despite obvious physical advantages in muscle strength and bone density, she competes against women in mixed martial arts.

Illegal immigrant in Milford death ruled incompetent – Boston News, Weather, Sports | FOX 25 | MyFoxBoston

Judge Janet Kinton-Walker says Nicolas Guaman’s “unique cultural background” and language barrier means that he doesn’t understand the court process. The court also said that he lacks the ability to consult with his attorney properly.

Judge: Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrant’s “Unique Cultural Background” Makes Him Incompetent to Stand Trial For Killing a Man | The Gateway Pundit

Guaman’s two brothers also have an extensive criminal past.

General Assembly approves stormwater fee for nine counties – MarylandReporter.com

Local governments would charge property owners a fee based on the amount of pavement on their property. It would be at the jurisdiction of the local governments to determine the size of those fees.

California Considers Mandated Insurance for ‘Gay Infertility’ – Ben Shapiro – Page 1

The way the law works, gay and lesbian couples would simply have to testify that they have been having sex for a year without producing a child to be considered “infertile,” which is idiotic, since baby-making requires necessary components missing in homosexual activity. But nature is irrelevant here. Even though both men and women were, to borrow Lady Gaga’s phrase, “born this way,” political correctness trumps nature.

School guns proposal falls in Indiana House | Journal and Courier | jconline.com

The Indiana House on Thursday pulled a proposal to have the state’s public schools consider having employees, including teachers and principals, carry guns during school hours.

Australians have a warning for Americans on guns.

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