2014 WH Progress Report Praises More than 80 Executive Actions!

The White House has released its annual progress report highlighting the more than 80 new executive actions President Obama promised a year ago. The full report includes a calendar of each executive action by date. As the New Year approaches, the president promises that even more action lies ahead.

During his year-end press conference Friday, Obama said:

In last year’s final press conference, I said that 2014 would be a year of action and would be a breakthrough year for America. And it has been … We have more work to do to make sure our economy, our justice system, and our government work not just for the few, but for the many. But there is no doubt that we can enter into the New Year with renewed confidence that America is making significant strides where it counts.

The entire report, viewed here, chronicles what it calls “historic steps” in combating climate change, immigration reform, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for women, student loan debt, and LGBT discrimination, among others. 

In its digital summary, shareable graphics allow people to tweet specific actions to help “spread the word” of the Obama administration’s efforts. And just so that it doesn’t look like Obama is going it alone, the White House added ways “Congress can help” (highlighted in red, no less) and how they can answer the president’s call to action.

Saturday, giving his weekly address, Obama said that America has a new foundation and that a new future is ready to be written. That future is here. 


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