2 dead, dozen missing after blast collapses 2 NYC buildings | New York Post

Two people are dead and at least 18 others are injured after a huge explosion collapsed two East Harlem buildings Wednesday morning where residents complained of smelling gas for weeks, witnesses and authorities said.

Charlie Rangel: ‘Our community’s 9/11’ – Tal Kopan – POLITICO.com

Rep. Charles Rangel called an apparent building explosion and collapse in his district in Harlem of New York City the most “horrific” thing that has hit his home district in his time in Washington and said it is his community’s Sept. 11.

State Not Liable For Company In State Fair Stage Collapse | News – Indiana Public Media

A Marion County court ruled Monday the State is not responsible for assuming the liability of or defending the company that provided the stage equipment that collapsed at the Indiana State Fair in 2011.

FBI — Fresno Laser Striker Sentenced to 14 Years in Prison

Sergio Patrick Rodriguez, 26, of Clovis, California, was sentenced today to 14 years in prison for aiming a laser pointer at Fresno police helicopter Air 1, and attempting to interfere with its operation, United States Attorney Benjamin B. Wagner announced. Calling him a “walking crime spree,” United States District Judge Lawrence J. O’Neill said the crime was serious with potentially deadly consequences.

Man Hit With 14-Year Prison Sentence For Shining Laser At Helicopter

The FBI wants you to know that they take shining laser pointers at aircraft very, very seriously. So seriously they’re willing to throw your ass in prison for a decade and change if you do it. P

Apple Does A Terrible Thing To Grieving Family | The Burning Truth

Most of the big tech companies make good products, but are seriously lacking in the human decency department. I’d like to think that we don’t all need to adjust our living wills or last will and testament to get our relatives access to our mobile devices when we die.

Apple Either Hates The Military, Or They Are REALLY Stupid | The Burning Truth

Last week I told you about scumbag Apple having absolutely no class, or compassion, for a grieving family. Now, they are extending their classless attitude towards a member of the military.

12 percent of eligible Hoosiers sign up for Obamacare as deadline looms | Indianapolis Star | indystar.com

The people helping Hoosiers sign up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act have watched a couple reduce their monthly premiums from $1,900 to about $450.

Mother forced to bring up daughter alone after her US husband was asked to leave UK because he had cancer | Mail Online

A British mother has been left to bring up her daughter alone after her American husband was kicked out of the country – because he  had cancer. Distraught Lorraine Marx, 56, nursed her husband Ralph Marx, also 56, when he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. But the Home Office ruled he had become a burden on the taxpayer – despite having private health cover – after the NHS billed him £98,000 for the emergency cancer treatment he had received.

Cancer patient ordered to leave Canada by Tuesday | CTV Montreal News

Several local notables are pleading with Ottawa to rescind the deportation order of a woman being sent back to Mexico midway through her cancer treatment.

Man with terminal cancer faces $126,000 medical bill, deportation order | CTV Vancouver News

the British man and his Canadian wife are battling the federal government over a deportation order while spending their last days together in a motor home near Victoria.

VIDEO: Ottawa woman faces deportation after cancer diagnosis – Ottawa – CBC News

After six years in Canada, Iranian immigrant Fatemeh Kamkar was told she would be a drain on the health care system after recently being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Oh, by the way: Obama just quietly suspended ObamaCare’s individual mandate until 2016 « Hot Air

The mandate, remember, has already been suspended this year for people who had their old insurance canceled and who now regard it as a “hardship” to purchase insurance on the supposedly affordable Affordable Care Act exchanges. For them, as Ezra Klein put it at the time, “ObamaCare itself is the hardship.” But there’s an obvious problem with that scheme: The “hardship” exemption applies only to people who used to have insurance, and it applies only for this enrollment period. The mandate penalty would continue to bite people who didn’t have insurance before, which seems unfair, and it’d be back in full force this fall even for people who did have it, right around the time that America votes in the midterms.

WH Official on Dismal February O-Care Numbers: Because “There Are Fewer Days in January Than February” | The Gateway Pundit

Today McGuinness responded to Aaron Blake at the Washington Post when he asked her why there were fewer people signed up for Obamacare in February than January. Well, because… “there are fewer days in January than February.”

Michigan Woman: died in 2008, found in 2014… and voted in 2010. | RedState

Gee, I wonder who she voted for.

VIDEO: TASER DRONE tested on intern, debuted at SXSW | The Daily Caller

A tech company debuted its new 80,000-volt stun gun-equipped drone at SXSW over the weekend, and tested it on one unfortunate intern.

Teen self-defense expert kicked out of Army program, all because of a pocketknife | The Daily Caller

An Ohio high school student training to be an EMT was charged with a felony and sent to jail for 13 days because police found a pocketknife during an unauthorized search of his car.

Grand Island Student Refuses to Change NRA T-Shirt

The parents of a Grand Island High School sophomore confirm their son was recently made to serve a one day in-school suspension, resulting from his refusal to change clothes after a determination the shirt he was wearing violated the school’s dress code.