Latest shooting marks 30 in South Bend this year | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Local News

Monday night’s shooting on the 1600 block of W. Western Avenue marks South Bend’s 30th shooting so far this year. Police say the city only had around 8 shootings this time last year.

County prosecutor candidates respond to city violence | ABC57 | South Bend IN News, Weather and Sports | Local News

On Dyngus Day politicians were out in full force. With only 2 weeks until the primary, one thing was at the top of everyone’s minds, violence.

Gangs or Groups? ‘They are gangs…groups get together & knit quilts.’ | Local – Home

South Bend’s police chief is using a new “G-word” to talk about gangs. But many people are asking why after prosecutors pressed gang charges on five young men for their role in 2-year-old John Swoveland, Jr.’s murder.

New Things Labeled As Racist This Week … Time Limits, And Sticking To The Topic Of Discussion During Debates | The Burning Truth

Several college debate clubs that feature members preoccupied with minority issues have decided the traditional tournament format promotes white privilege. They have responded by refusing to play by the official rules, ignoring time limits and rebutting their opponents with rap and spoken-word poetry.

Study: Corn ethanol is nature’s enemy | The Daily Caller

A $500,000 taxpayer-backed study found that making biofuels from the leftovers of corn plants releases seven percent more greenhouse gas emissions in the short term compared to gasoline. The study challenges the federal government’s policy mandating that an ever-increasing amount of corn ethanol be blended into the country’s fuel supply to fight global warming.

Study Shows Ethanol Produces Worse ‘Global Warming’ Pollution Than Gasoline – Katie Pavlich

peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change concludes that biofuels made with corn residue release 7 percent more greenhouse gases in the early years compared with conventional gasoline.

Sierra Club officials drive gas-guzzling Jaguars | The Daily Caller

Members of the Sierra Club’s board of directors are driving around in gas-guzzling vehicles, despite the group’s support for the Obama administration’s increased fuel efficiency standards.

The Concourse of Hypocrisy – Gallery of All Entrants

Sit back and watch the parade of vehicles through the streets of Berkeley, California, as the residents compete for the grand title of Most Hypocritical Car Owner.

First the Green Gestapo Came For our Lightbulbs, Then our Iced Drinks and Hot Showers. Now They’re After Our Meatballs…

A truly emetic announcement from the grim but indispensable Swedish flatpack furniture emporium IKEA: they are considering changing the recipe of their most popular food line – meatballs – in order to help save the world from global warming.



Samsung Galaxy S5 review – CNET

Here’s why the Samsung Galaxy S5 should grab your attention: it looks good, it performs very well, and it has everything you need to become a fixture in nearly every aspect of your life. But, like a candidate running for reelection, the GS5 gets where it is today based on experience and wisdom, not on flashy features or massive innovation.

Parents Thought They Were Meeting With the School Principal to Complain About State Testing — Instead, They Were Greeted by a Cop |

Two Georgia parents who are refusing to allow their children to participate in the state’s standardized tests were confronted by a police officer and told they were trespassing on school grounds when they attempted to meet with administrators and express their opposition to the exams last week.

Governor Pence Urges Obama To Approve Keystone XL Pipeline | News – Indiana Public Media

Governor Mike Pence  urged President Obama on Monday to approve the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada.

Indiana Resident Creates Prius Limos Out Of Wrecked Cars | News – Indiana Public Media

Damaged Toyota Prius’ bound for the junkyard are literally being turned into something bigger.