33% Of Americans Are Lying About Obamacare’s Negative Impact

One in Three Say They’ve Been Personally Hurt by Obamacare | National Review Online

One-third of Americans say the Affordable Care Act has had a negative impact on them personally, while 14 percent say the law has helped them, according to a new Rasmussen survey. The poll finds that public dissatisfaction with Obamacare remains nearly as high as it was during the height of the website’s problems last year.

What’s worse is how many say Obamacare is actually helping them. Only 14%.

Naturally, the 33% that say it is having a negative impact (count me in that number too), are clearly lying. At least, according to Harry Reid.

I figured I’d post the video since the MSM is circling the wagons to defend Reid.

Harry Reid’s claim that the ‘vast majority’ of AFP’s Obamacare ads are ‘lies’

After an eruption on Twitter and other social media, Reid returned to the floor to amend his statement: “I can’t say that every one of the Koch brothers’ ads are a lie, but I’ll say this: Mr. President, the vast, vast majority of them are.”

Yeah, AFTER public outcry. Reid’s MO is to say something outlandish, untrue, and inflammatory. This wasn’t a slip of the tongue.

Americans For Prosperity responded to Reid’s statements.

Americans for Prosperity Responds to Sen. Reid’s ObamaCare Remarks | Americans for Prosperity

“The President’s allies are perfectly fine with brushing these horror stories under the rug — but that’s not so easy for people like Julie Boonstra in Michigan and Emilie Lamb in Tennessee, who are being forced by people like Senator Reid to live out the consequences of ObamaCare every single day.”

Fox News has launched a campaign to allow Obamacare victims to prove they aren’t lying.

Real people with real problems refute Reid’s claim ObamaCare ‘horror stories’ untrue | Fox News

Tell that to Linda Deright, who told Fox News’ Neil Cavuto,”There must be six million of us, then. I think we should just call ourselves the liars’ club.”