50 Shades of Grey Dominates at the Box Office

The best selling erotic movie 50 Shades of Grey brought in an “adjusted” $85M over the three-day weekend. “In four days, the $40 million Universal Pictures and Focus Features’ film made $94.4 million.”

Analysts had underestimated how much the movie would make, guessing it would register at $60M.

That was probably due in part to comparisons with “Twilight.” “Fifty Shades” started out as fan-fiction of the popular teen novels. The first “Twilight” movie debuted to $69 million in 2008, so an opening around $60 million would have made sense for the first installment of “Fifty Shades.” 

The films had the best opening weekend in February, beating out the Passion of the Christ.

The movie also holds other records:

Worldwide, the total box office on opening weekend was a shopping $261M.


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