Abbas Decrees Life Sentence For Anyone Who Sells Land To Jews

The “moderate” President of the Palestinian Authority has enacted a bill in an attempt to ensure that any future Palestinian state is free of Jews, decreeing that any Palestinian who sells land “to a hostile country or its citizens” is now punished with “life imprisonment with forced labor.”

Of course “hostile country or its citizens” is another way of saying Jews.  Palestinian Media Watch translation of the news reports, all of which appeared on the official Palestinian Authority TV channel, read: 

October 21st: [PA] Chairman Mahmoud Abbas published a decision on an amendment to the Jordanian penal law [still in effect in the PA] and on its previous amendments in the northern districts (i.e., the West Bank). In the new amendment, he instituted life imprisonment with forced labor for the clandestine transfer, leasing or selling of lands to a hostile country or its citizens. The previous penalty for the clandestine transfer of land was temporary forced labor.

October 23rd: The [Palestinian] Supreme Fatwa Council stressed in its meeting, chaired by the Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the prohibition on selling lands and clandestinely transferring real estate property to enemies. This came following the occupation authorities’ and settlers’ takeover of several real estate properties in the area of Silwan [in Jerusalem]… The Council designated anyone selling Palestinian real estate to the enemy a traitor to Allah and His Messenger, as well as to his religion and homeland, and [decreed that] he is to be shunned by all Muslims.


October 23rd:​ Adnan Al-Damiri, the official spokesman of the [PA] Security Forces, has confirmed that the Security Forces will settle accounts with anyone thinking of selling lands or apartments to settlers anywhere in the homeland. In a press conference at the [PA] governmental media center in Ramallah, Al-Damiri added that the excuse of several [of the offenders] – that they hold non-Palestinian identity cards – will not protect them from the law in any way whatsoever.


Adnan Al-Damiri, the official spokesman of the PA Security Forces: We will persecute anyone who violates the sanctity of the Palestinian lands, real estate and holy places in Palestine, whatever his title, nature, ID card (i.e., Israeli or Palestinian) or place [of residence]. This persecution is legal (i.e., judicial). In addition, there is popular and national persecution by the Palestinian people of those who harm [its] resources and national cause.

While any other entity would face harsh criticism for banning sales to a particular ethnic group, President Obama has already indicated support of the above law by criticizing Israel for allowing its citizens to purchase homes from Palestinians in East Jerusalem.



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