About That Anti-Trump Protester Who Was Pepper Sprayed


The teen said “I deserved that” right after getting .


Everyone is finally catching up to my coverage of this story on my radio show, and here.  Sadly, many so called ‘conservative’ websites are still peddling the lie that she was the victim and not the assailant.  I expect that from the MSM, and liberal sites.  The conservative new media has lost its collective mind in this primary, and has decided they are going full Daily Kos gutter-smear in covering this election rather than cover the facts, and argue policy with honesty as they usually do.  Suddenly, Saul Alinsky is their mentor.

Police now confirm there was no sexual assault, and are referring the girl to juvenile authorities.  If only they hadn’t confirmed she was ‘sexually assaulted’ in their original press release the day of the incident when they had no evidence of an assault.  Maybe, maybe, some of the false coverage of this could have been mitigated.

Here’s the police saying she lied about being the victim of sexual assault, and is, in fact, the criminal assailant:

Janesville PD: “We reviews this video as well as many others and we did not find evidence of a sexual assault. The video does not support evidence of a sexual assault. It does support that a punch was delivered by the 15 yr old….We have referred to Juvenile authorities the 15 year old female for disorderly conduct charges. It could’ve been an assault charge but Mr Crandall didn’t want to pursue those charges. There are no charges regarding Mr. Crandall. He committed no crime.

Notice the victim, the man who was attacked by this girl, is choosing not to pursue assault charges against her.

Fully expect most of the websites who peddled the lie that she was sexually assaulted to pay this story no attention now, or provide a correction that they jumped to conclusions and were wrong. Most of them will simply ignore this story now, and move along as if they’d never covered it. It’s a pattern in the MSM that we are all used to, but it’s been adopted in this primary by those on the right as well. Smear without evidence, jump to conclusions because it supports your own confirmation bias and preferred narrative, when proven wrong … ignore, ignore, ignore. If that doesn’t work … lie!

As for the guy who used the pepper spray … the police can put up a front that his ‘act of violence’ won’t be tolerated all they want.  Fact is, he had a legal right to use the pepper spray in an act of self-defense, or defense of others (unless they discover the formulation is illegal in their jurisdiction).  The only bad guy here is the girl, and those who peddled the lie she was actually a victim.