Today on my show, I covered the story of the person being ‘forced’ to use the men’s room instead of being allowed to use the women’s restroom.  Something doesn’t add up to me.  Perhaps I’ve just become a cynic since nearly all of these ‘discrimination’ stories end up being proven to be false.

ABC 57:

LeKeyla Onasses is a transgender woman.

“I have used the woman’s restroom for over 21 years now,” Onasses said.

Until last month, when Onasses says a employee forced her to use the men’s room at the station on Michigan Street.

“I had went up to her and asked her does she have a unisex ? She replied ‘no’, and pointed at the men’s restroom and forced me to go to the men’s restroom,” On assess said.

It didn’t stop there.

Onasses says the employee posted photos of her on Facebook, mocking her.

“It was tragic for me,” Onasses said.

Onasses filed a complaint with the South Bend Human Rights Commission and with Transpo.

Before we continue, let me just point out the obvious.  You were NOT ‘forced’ to use the men’s room.  You were directed to the men’s room.  Big difference.

As I stated earlier … I have questions.

  1. If you are a long-time bus rider … why did you need to ask if they have a unisex bathroom?
  2. If you’ve been using the women’s room for over 20 years … why did you ask for a unisex bathroom?
  3. How did you know that the Transpo employee posted images of you on social media to make fun of you?
  4. How did you find those images (they are in the ABC57 story)?
  5. Do you know the Transpo employee?
  6. Are you feuding with the Transpo employee?

These pieces are missing from the story.  I’ve reached out to the reporter to see if she was provided any of this information by the subject of the segment (ABC57 is a news partner of ).

Considering nearly every story I’ve covered over the past couple of years like this has ended up being false, I tend to be skeptical from the outset.  Especially if there’s glaring holes in the story that might point to a different conclusion than was sold to the news agency by the story’s subject.

I’ve attached the of my segment from today’s show on this issue for you to listen to.