Airline To Let You Find Seatmate On Facebook, What Could Go Wrong?

An has decided to make it easier to find someone you know as a seatmate on their flights.


Worry no more about who may be sitting next to you in 23A.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is planning a service where passengers can use and LinkedIn as an aid when booking a flight.

Details are scant, but the idea is for travelers to look at people with similar interests and then book a seat.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for one, you cold end up shot.


A 17-year-old girl is recovering after she was shot in the back by people she met onĀ Facebook.

The victim was dropped off at St. Vincent on the city’s north side Tuesday night. A car sped off immediately after the girl was dropped off. Police said the victim suffered a single gunshot wound that traveled from her lower back through the left side of her abdomen.

When questioned, the girl told police she had met three people from Facebook and that she was shot while she was in the car with those three people.

You may want to be VERY careful when looking for a travel on Facebook.