Alan Grayson (D-FL) Is A Monumental Idiot

Ok, saying (D-FL) is a monumental idiot goes without saying. Whether it’s his potential ethics violations, his disgusting campaign tactics, his calling women whores, or his Ted Cruz birtherism … Alan Grayson is a disgusting person. Heck, even ethically challenged (Democrats at all costs) Harry Reid (D-NV) doesn’t want Grayson around. That should be all you needed to know about the guy, and I barely scratched the surface.

Grayson is, shall we say, factually challenged most of the time. This latest ludicrous statement, however, may be his most laughable yet.

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Yeah, you read that right. Let’s hear him say.

Grayson, like other anti-Constitution liberals, ran to stand on the graves of the dead in the Orlando attack by a radical Muslim jihadi. In doing so, he made the utterly ridiculous claim that an AR-15 has a of 700 rounds per minute.

  1. It was not an AR-15 used by the jihadi.
  2. No, the AR-15 can’t shoot anywhere near 700 rounds per minute.
  3. Neither does the actual used by the Homeland Security cleared contractor jihadi.

A very skilled shooter MIGHT get 60 rounds off in a minute with a magazine change … might. Your average shooter isn’t going to have the skill to do that. There’s a lot that goes into this that must be considered as well. Trigger finger fatigue, how long does it take to access the magazines, then to swap out magazines, aiming, etc.

A listener asked me to evaluate the feasibility of carrying 700 rounds of ammo.

Each 30 round magazine with 5.56 rounds weighs roughly 1lb. Sometimes slightly more, sometimes slightly less depending on the material the magazine is made from, and the types of rounds themselves. Then you have 8-10lbs for the rifle.

It is not only physically impossible to shoot 700 rounds from these rifles because of human anatomy and limitations, but the weapon itself wouldn’t survive the stresses and heat from firing 700 rounds non-stop.

So … Alan Grayson’s claim is utter malarkey, and pure nonsense.

Conrad Close from American Crossroads did offer Grayson a change to redeem himself from his clown act though.

Put your money where your mouth is Grayson. Take the challenge.

I would like to offer props to ‘It’s Not News, It’s’ CNN’s Erin Burnett for mindlessly agreeing with the factually incorrect, and laughable statements Alan Grayson made. That’s true modern journalism right there.

Like I always say, these anti-Constitution nuts don’t know the difference between .40 and 40oz.

If you would like to learn more about this subject, and why ‘assault weapon’ bans are silly, watch Indiana demonstrate this very topic at the range.


Added the weight of the ammo per listener request.