Alert PETA: Sarah Palin's Dog Is Back

Sarah Palin DogSarah Palin and PETA faced off at the beginning of this year over a picture posted to her Facebook wall that showed her son Trig using the family dog for a boost up to the kitchen sink.

On Saturday afternoon, Palin posted a new dog, kid, and kitchen themed photo to her Facebook page, this time with a bit of a role reversal. Taken by her brother, the new pic shows this time man’s best friend gets a leg up from a child.

No dogs were eaten in filming of these two incidents.

From Facebook:


In typical fashion, it didn’t take long to find hate in response. If there is one thing the left can’t get enough of, it’s Palin-bashing.

In 2008, their unreasoning, foaming hatred was because they were terrified of her. Now? It’s basically their national pastime.


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