America is the Fattest Country in the World

A new study released by the Global Burden of Disease published in Lancet lists the ten countries with the highest rate of obesity. America weighs in at number 1.

According to the study, 78 million Americans are obese or 33% of the population.

China registers as number 2 on the list with 46 million obese citizens or 4.4% of the adult population.

The rest of the list.

3. India: 30 million people, 3.8% of the adult population

4. Russia: 28 million people, 24% of the adult population

5. Brazil: 22 million, 16.2% of the adult population

6. Mexico: 20 million people or 26.9% of the adult population 

7. Egypt: 18 million or 35.9 percent of the adult population.

8. Germany: 16 million or 24.3 percent of the adult population.

9. Pakistan: 14 million or 13.6 percent of the adult population.

10. Indonesia: 11 million or 6.8 percent of the adult population.


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