The time has finally come to take 95.3 MNC listeners on the ‘Irish Quickie’ of with Edgerton’s Travel Services.

I want you to notice the hashtag I used in the title of this post (#IrelandMNC).  I am using that on social media so people can follow along, and we can all pull our photos of the without having to coordinate with anyone else.

I got on the bus at about 6:30 in the morning at Edgerton’s Mishawaka, IN office.  They’d already picked up listeners from another location, and we were off to pick up more from the last location.  40 people went on the ‘Irish Quickie’ tour with us.


After everyone was on board, we were off to Chicago O’Hare to catch our flight to Newark, NJ.  From Newark, we were off to , Ireland.


There was an interesting site at O’Hare.  Suddenly we looked out the terminal window after getting through security to see a raging fire.  Then another, then another, and so on.  Don’t worry though, it was just the fire department practicing.


While sitting in the terminal at O’Hare, I took my sweatshirt off to reveal my 5.11 bullet skull shirt.  A woman who had a young boy sitting across from me kept staring at my shirt, and squinting. She appeared to be trying to figure out what my shirt was all about. She had a hippie/granola vibe to her. Finally, she seemed to realize what it was, and packed her kid up and moved all the way across the terminal to get away from me.  Even on I can’t help but offend someone.

Off to Newark!


At Newark, you could see New York City out of the terminal window.  This happened to be the same day the New York primary was happening.  Here you see the New York skyline with One World Trade Center.

The flight to Dublin from Newark is six hours or so.  The time difference is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. I was in the middle of two people the whole trip.  They weren’t listeners, and it was very uncomfortable.  We did get a large selection of movies and TV to watch on the plane, and they fed us a lot.

Goose Island IPA

I got two Goose Island IPAs free on the flight to Dublin.

Once we landed in Dublin, Ireland, we were met by a young lady who showed us to our bus and driver, John.  John is our driver this entire trip, and he’s awesome!  We immediately took a panoramic tour of Dublin before visiting Trinity College and seeing the Book of Kells exhibit.  Trinity College was founded by Elizabeth I in 1592.

The Book of Kells was …

Written around the year 800 AD, the Book of Kells contains a richly decorated copy of the four gospels in a latin text, based on the Vulgate edition (completed by St. Jerome in 384 AD).

Below are just some of the sites we saw that first day in Dublin:

After a long day, it was time to drive out to check into the hotel room. At this point, I’d been up nearly two days with about 1 hour of sleep. I was nodding off the whole way to the hotel. These first two nights in Ireland would be spent at the Rochestown Lodge Hotel. No WIFI in the rooms, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

I couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on in my room.  Then suddenly, I realized I could slide my room card into this little box.  Voila!


I should explain the ‘we bit dodgy’ part of the title of this post.  Every day our driver, John, gives us a ‘word of the day’ to learn.  Day 1 = Dodgy:

Dodgy (n): suspect/mechanically suspect

Had an amazing dinner with the group, then off to bed.


I forgot to add these things from the Trinity College library.  The smell in the library was amazing.

Below is The Old Library at Trinity College Dublin being recorded in first person perspective with my Pivothead Kudu camera glasses. You can get a pair from