Another Anti-De Blasio Banner Flies Over New York

A second banner criticizing Mayor Bill de Blasio flew over the New York Wednesday, an appropriate ending to the mayor’s disastrous 2014. The banner, reading “De Blasio, Apologize to the NYPD!!” was sponsored by a retired Westchester County correction officer who explained that he hoped the banner would embarrass the mayor.

The NY Daily News reports that Jersey Shore Aerial Advertising flew the banner for 90-minutes up and down the Hudson river, beginning around 2 p.m. The retired correction officer, Michael Sheehan, 49, paid around $1,000 for both the banner and flight and said he hoped that the stunt would get the mayor’s attention:

“I hope he’s embarrassed by it,” Sheehan told the Daily News.

Earlier, he criticized de Blasio for his close ties with “the circus clown, race-baiter and proven liar Mr. Alfred Sharpton.”

A few days earlier the same company flew another anti-de Blasio banner which read, “De Blasio, our backs have turned to you,” a reference to scores of NYPD officers turning their backs to de Blasio at Woodhull Hospital and when he appeared on a video screen at the memorial for slain officer Rafael Ramos’ funeral service.  

Here’s some footage of the banner flying over the city skyline via Daily News:




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