*Another Female Student Lies About Being Raped

In December, a female University of Missouri-St. Louis student reported a rape at the hands of a man in a ski mask, who forced her into the back seat of a parked car near campus.

This report lead to a released statement by the UMSL police for students to be aware of the crime and included safety tips to employ while on campus.

However, now it is being reported that the girl “changed her story” and said the rape never happened. From the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Following a thorough investigation, which included the reporting party meeting with and informing the police investigator that the incident did not occur, the UMSL Police Department has determined that the incident (in a Dec. 18 warning to students) was unfounded.

While the mainstream media reports on the rise of “rampant sexual assault on college campuses,” Department of Justice research shows that the actual number of rapes that occur on campus is six incidents per 1,000 students — NOT 1-in-5 like the media and activists claim.

More and more reported campus rapes, even those gaining major headlines, are turning out to be fabrications, but for many politicians and activists pushing for solutions to the alleged problem of rape increasing on campus, these facts don’t matter.

Reacting to the latest false report from the UMSL student, “right-minded” campus news outlet The College Fix asked, “Wait — aren’t we told not to question such incidents?” Popular blogger Instapundit reacted, “Teach women not to lie about rape!” — a humorous counter to the feminist argument that says protecting oneself from rape isn’t the woman’s responsibility as much as it is “teaching men not to rape.”

TruthRevolt‘s Ben Shapiro once wrote:

False rape allegations do actual rape victims a tremendous disservice: to lump in false accusations of rape with true accusations of rape makes people more skeptical of rape victims generally, a horrible result. Rape should be taken seriously; rape accusations should be taken seriously. That means taking factual questions seriously, not merely throwing the word “rape” around casually, without evidence, and without regard for truth.


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