AP’s Take on Rand Paul: He’s Got Problems

The Associated Press on Sunday did a hefty takeout on Sen. Rand Paul, tacking this biased headline atop the piece: “CHALLENGES LOOM FOR PAUL AS HE SPEEDS TOWARD 2016.”

The article starts simply enough, saying Paul hasn’t announced but is certainly making moves indicative of a run for the White House. But quickly enough, the reporter says some see Paul ass “capable of expanding the GOP’s appeal beyond its traditional base of older, white men.”

After the racist allegations, the article ponders whether Paul can go far with his call for “a smaller U.S. footprint in the world.” “I just don’t see him getting too far with an isolationist foreign policy and a pro-gay marriage agenda,” Hogan Gidley, a South Carolina-based veteran of Republican presidential politics, told the AP.

The piece dismisses Paul’s father as “quirky and extreme, and claims that the younger Paul is now saddled with wacky followers “and the baggage that his father’s unconventional views bring.”

“The very thing that makes Rand Paul significant is the very thing that hurts him: his last name,” Gidley said. “It presents a huge challenge.”

Yes, Paul is his father, the AP decides and says “Rand Paul is not likely to discuss his father should the lawmaker join the 2016 presidential contest.” Paul, for his part, says he does have a challenge: “Just to present who I am and what I stand for.”

Then, instead of laying out Paul’s stances on issues, the article says: “What he stands for, however, has changed in some cases.”

Somehow, the story circles to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and quotes Benjamin Jealous, a former president of the NAACP, as saying: “He’s going to have to go a bit further to walk his talk.”

On President Obama, the AP put out this story Sunday: “Obama looks past GOP in promoting his 2015 agenda.” Hmm.



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