Archery Quite Unlike Any Other

Danish archer Lars Andersen might be the most accomplished archer of our time.  Not because of any awards or medals, but purely because of what he has accomplished by studying ancient texts and paintings.

Andersen posted a video on Friday attempting to disprove the Hollywood myth of archery.  Not only that, he explains how the art of archery is lost on today’s archers because a majority of them stand still and aim at their target rather than be able to run, shoot, and hit their targets while also being able to shoot rapidly.

Andersen says that the ultimate feat in archery for him was to hit an arrow in the air, which he thought was impossible. 

“For me this is the ultimate archery, which I until recently had thought was impossible.  It can be done, but requires the handling of the bow and arrow to become completely bodily.  You may not have time to aim or think, and you must first be completely convinced you hit, you see, “feel” the incoming arrow and shoot in an instant,” he writes. 

h/t Daily Caller


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