Archie Comics CEO Is A Sexist Bigot, Claims White Men Can’t Be Harassed Because … Well … They Are White Men

I’ve told you countless times, the most discriminated against group of people are white men.

CEO Nancy Silberkleit ‘didn’t harass employees because they are WHITE MEN’ | Mail Online.

The female CEO of , who has been accused of sexual harassment by five employees says she can’t be guilty of the accusations – because her employees are all white men.

Nancy Silberkeit argues in legal filings that the employees who are suing aren’t from a ‘protected class’ of people – and therefore their claims of harassment aren’t legally viable.

Silberkeit is accused of repeatedly shouting ‘Penis!’ at the employees and also referring to them as the male organ instead of their names.

That’s right, only white people can be racist, and no one gives a damn if they are discriminated against. ┬áSame goes for men. ┬áThere’s more anti-male sexism on prime time television than in a week than most women will endure in a year in their daily lives.

She claims the accusations are false, but give the long history of claims against her, and her bigoted response to the accusations, I’m leaning towards her being a misandrist scumbag.