In an explosive accusation, a former senior counter-terrorism official in Argentina’s intelligence service has accused a cell of presidential loyalists of assassinating Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor who exposed the Argentian government’s cover-up of Iranian involvement in the 1994 explosion at a Jewish center that killed 85 people. The official said that president Cristina Kirchner did not have to give a direct order to the assassins in order for them to ascertain her wishes and act on them. He said, “Cristina does not have to give a specific order. Her people compete to satisfy her perceived wishes.”

Kirchner has tried her best to stifle an investigation, asking the congress to dissolve the intelligence services. She said Nisman’s death was due to “rogue elements” in the intelligence service who were opposed to her. Nisman was found dead with a bullet wound in the head on January 18, the day before he was to accuse Kirchner of a cover-up.

Nisman claimed that after Kirchner fired the intelligence director John Stiusso in December for his close relationship with the U.S. and Israel, Kirchner’s Peronist faction took control of the service. Stiusso reportedly fed Nisman telephone intercepts in which Argentinian government officials dealt with Iranian agents.

The former senior counter-terrorism official stated that the intelligence service, now run by those headed by Kirchner’s son, Maximo, had been tailing Nisman home and abroad. He added that Nisman normally had 12 federal bodyguards outside his apartment, but when he was murdered they were absent. He said of the assassins, “They would have known when his federal police protective detail were off duty and when Nisman was alone in this apartment.” He also claimed that Damian Pachter, the journalist who reported Nisman’s murder and left Argentina, is being tailed by the same loyalists.


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