Army Set To Award Purple Hearts To Victims Of Ft. Hood Massacre

The United States Army has decided that the victims of the Fort Hood massacre will be awarded the Purple Heart.

Three sources told Fox News that the Army will make an announcement some time next week confirming the news. 

Many people, including the families of the victims, have been urging the military to award the Purple Heart.  One of the biggest proponents of the award has been Senator John McCain, who just last month sent a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel saying he was “disappointed” the army has not recognized the victims of the brutal attack, which killed 13 people and wounded 32. 

According to the Military Times, “As part of the fiscal 2015 Defense Authorization Act, Congress approved awarding Purple Hearts to troops “killed or wounded in domestic attacks inspired by foreign terrorist organizations.” The language was aimed specifically at the Fort Hood victims, whose attack was classified as “workplace violence” and not battlefield injuries.”

In the letter to Hagel, McCain wrote, “As [legislation] was passed by Congress and signed into law by the President nearly a month ago, I am disappointed that the Army still has made no announcement for the award of the Purple Heart to the service members killed or wounded [at] Fort Hood.  Service members and their families have been waiting more than five years for this award and further delay is inexcusable.”


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