Attempt To Overcharge Smokers For Insurance To Get Them To Quick Could Backfire

ObamaCare slams smokers with sky-high premium costs, could backfire | Fox News.

may have backfired in its goal of making so expensive that users quit, public health experts say, as sky-high premiums force smokers to drop coverage altogether and lose cessation programs along with it.

“Tobacco surcharges are not proven to help tobacco users quit and there are major concerns that they will prevent people from getting health care coverage,” the American Lung Association’s Jennifer Singleterry said.

The ALA supports the Affordable Care Act, as does the American Cancer Society, but both oppose the tobacco penalty because they believe it makes insurance unaffordable for smokers.

Eventually, they will tax your health food because smoking will be snuffed out.  Until then, smokers will resist the war against them, and it is a war.  Punished for making a life choice, but the feds don’t punish those who make other poor life choices that lead to poor health.  We are supposed to subsidize those people, but not smokers?