Beat The Host Fantasy Football League!



Winners have been randomly selected by the software (yes, there is actual software).


  • Steve Sherrill
  • Mitchell Frantz
  • Tim Frushour
  • Eric JM
  • Lynn Prout
  • Jay Holmes
  • Brent
  • Tyler Grathen
  • Adam Bujalski
  • Nathan

And to our radio call in winners:

  • Dave
  • John
  • Ryan

Winners have been emailed with the link to join the league.  If you don’t have your team set up by early afternoon Friday, I’ll have to fill that slot with an alternate winner.  Please log in as soon as possible to set up your team and draft board.  If you aren’t able to attend the draft, please make sure your draft board is set up, and auto pick is activated.

If you didn’t get in, thanks for trying, and I’m sorry you weren’t selected.  Please keep monitoring this post and your email between now and the draft on Friday to see if a spot opens up.


Football season is upon us once again!  That means it’s time for !

I LOVE fantasy football, and wanted to start a league this year where listeners can play against me.  I’ve actually wanted to do it for a few years now, but finally just decided to go for it.

The league is with Yahoo Fantasy Football, and we draft at 6:15 pm EST on Friday, Aug. 29.

Here’s the deal … the league has 14 total teams in two divisions.  I make up the first team, so there are 13 spots available.

10 of those spots will be picked by this blog post.  To enter, all you have to do is comment on this blog post.

Please comment on the blog’s native comment system, NOT THE FACEBOOK COMMENTS.  For some reason, the two systems aren’t linking together anymore.  If you comment on the Facebook system (the one on top, directly below the post) you won’t be entered, and the software won’t pick you as a winner.  Don’t stress about it, if you are confused just comment on both to be sure.

Beat The Host Fantasy Football League    The Burning Truth

So 10 of the 13 spots will be selected by this post. The other 3 will be callers on the show. Winners will need to provide their email address to receive the league invite. Once they get the invite, they need to log in to Yahoo Fantasy Football, join my league, and set up their team. Then we draft at 6:15 pm EST on Friday Aug. 29.


What do you get if you win the league?

Good question.  I’m working up a fantasy football trophy to print with my 3D printer from SeeMeCNC (click their ad in this post to check them out, and use coupon code 953MNC when you buy your printer).

Best of luck!