Ben Carson On Obama: 'Doesn't Understand What A Basic School Child Might'

Dr. Ben Carson spoke with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Monday and said it is “somewhat worrisome” that President Obama “doesn’t understand what a basic school child might understand.”

Van Susteren asked Carson why the president would underestimate the real and current threat ISIS poses by reaching far back into history and comparing them with the medieval Christian Crusades.

“Well, it certainly gives us some insight into his thinking,” Carson said.

Carson attempted to find some semblance of relevancy to Obama’s absurd equation:

Obviously any atrocities that are committed in the name of religion at any time in history are horrible and none should be used to justify what is going on today. I believe [Obama’s] attempting to say that these people are no worse than other people have been in the past. That is absolutely irrelevant because we’re dealing with an evil in today’s world that is threatening Christians and people who don’t believe like they do. And if we allow it to continue to grow, it will be a big tree with lots of branches and roots, rather than a bush as it is now.

Van Susteren pointed out the president’s obvious inclination for disaster by “deeply” alienating Christians with remarks like these, continuing a “frosty relationship” with Benjamin Netanyahu, and refusing to say “radical Islam.” The big question coming from the host was why Obama would put himself in that position.

Carson opined:

It’s interesting because over the years, we’ve had a number of instances where people protested against war. He may be the first president to have people protesting against his lack of adequate response, recognizing that, in the long run, this will endanger not only us but the entire world. Having a leader who doesn’t seem to understand what a basic school child might understand is somewhat worrisome. 

Carson explained what he would do to handle ISIS:

I would use every resource that we have to eradicate the threat while it is still in its adolescent stage. That means using banking facilities, using every military apparatus that we have, recognizing where their source of income comes from, and trying to shut that off. That might include oil. We need to use every resource to eradicate them now before they get too big to eradicate.

Still not willing to give an official answer to the oft-asked question of whether he plans on entering the presidential race in 2016, Carson did share why he would consider that option in the video below: