Bob Schieffer's Sunday Gun Lesson

CBS’ Bob Schieffer on Sunday’s Face the Nation explained the difference between a baseball bat and a handgun. 

With the guest panel’s conversation surrounding the recent killings of three Muslim university students in North Carolina by an outspoken self-described progressive, Schieffer couldn’t cap his frustration over the fact that the guy had a gun in the first place.

“What business did he have being out there with a gun?” Schieffer asked.

Then the elder newsman explained the difference in two types of weaponry: a baseball bat, which would probably only hurt a little if applied to a person’s skull, and a gun, which apparently can instantly kill a large group of people:

I mean, if he had gone out there with a baseball bat, he may have hit one of them in the head, you know, and somebody might have been hurt. But with guns like they are today, you just — you know [makes finger gun] — and you’ve killed six or seven people.



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