BREAKING: Belgium Siege; Four Gunmen Take Hostages In Ghent, Belgium

The BBC and other outlets report this morning that as many as four gunmen have entered a  residential apartment building in Ghent, Belgium and have taken hostages. ABC/Reuters reports

Four gunmen in Belgium have taken several people hostage after they entered a flat in the north-western city of Ghent, according to unconfirmed reports.

Heavily-armed police have surrounded the area and authorities have urged residents to stay indoors.

The state prosecution service said there were no immediate indications of a link to terrorism.

It is not known if the event is related to the Sydney Siege. Reports continue to break on Twitter.

A spokesperson for police in Ghent tells Reuters: “For the time being we have no indication that there is a link to terrorism.” There is no information on if this is related to the Sydney Siege hostage crisis in Australia.

Truth Revolt will update as news becomes available.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for prosecutors in Ghent tells the AFP “There is no indication that this is linked to terrorism, the Islamic State or what is happening at the moment in Sydney.”


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