Brown demands proof of Warren’s Cherokee roots
Washington Examiner
Republican Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, who’s been forced by opponents and the Boston media to release years of personal employment info and National Guard records, is finally weighing in on his foe’s claim she’s part Cherokee by demanding proof of her native heritage.
Several days since the Bay State scandal pushed Elizabeth Warren onto her heels, Brown on Tuesday demanded she release her work records and law school employment applications on which she checked the Native American box, a move that made her attractive to minority-seeking schools like Harvard University, her employer.
“Serious questions have been raised about the legitimacy of Elizabeth Warren’s claims to Native American ancestry and whether it was appropriate for her to assume minority status as a college professor,” said Brown. “The best way to satisfy these questions is for Elizabeth Warren to authorize the release of her law school applications and all personnel files from the various universities where she has taught.”here she has taught.”