Caller Dale Just Refuses To Acknowledge Historical Facts On Minority Rights


Dale strikes again!

Dale is your typical lofo (low information voter as Rush would say) who is afflicted with blind tribalism, and uses his confirmation bias to peddle falsehoods.  He LOVES the straw man argument to attack Republicans.

Today we were talking about the Supreme Court refusing to hear the same-sex marriage issue, and I was taking calls to get listener reaction to it.

Enter Dale …

Dale just refuses to acknowledge the historical fact that it’s the that gets credit for minority rights, women’s rights, and yes … even gay rights.  Furthermore, he refused to acknowledge that Obama was anti- until it became important for his reelection campaign in 2012, and that Obama told the gay community to essentially kiss off less than two weeks after the gay community helped him get reelected with the promise of gay marriage.

For the record, the Act was a rebranding of previous GOP bills that were defeated by … you guessed it … Democrats.  There was an election to win though, and so the Democrats changed tune … well … some changed tune.

A higher percentage of Republicans voted for the Civil Rights Act than Democrats in both houses of Congress.

It was also the GOP that led the way for Women’s voting rights, and it was the Log Cabin Republicans that forced Obama’s hand in overturning Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.  Had they not filed suit, Obama would never have addressed it.  After all, he’d won reelection so why bother?

All … historical fact.