Canadians Telling Kim Jong-Un To ‘Suck It’

Canadians are telling North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Un to “Suck it” by planning an independent screening of the now canceled Sony movie, “The Interview.”

The man behind the push is Taylor Scollon and he created a Facebook event called “The Interview Screening/Suck It, Kim Jong Un/Liberty in North Korea Fundraiser.”

“The North Korean regime maintains power through fear, and I think it’s troubling that they are (successfully at this point) using fear to suppress criticism and satire, even outside their borders,” Scollon told Mashable.

He writes on the event page that he doesn’t have a copy of the film yet or a venue but hopes to have everything in place for a January 8 viewing. 

“I don’t have a copy of the movie or a venue (that will depend on how many people click the ‘Going’ button on this event),” writes Scollon.  “But I have picked a day, and I hope to find somewhere appropriate by then (and hopefully have a copy of the movie — c’mon Sony, you may as well give it away at this point).”

But he is trying.  He has tweeted Sony Pictures as well as James Franco and Seth Rogen, the stars of the film.





The $20 dollar a seat showing seems steep even for today’s standards but Scollon is turning the viewing into a charity fundraiser.   All proceeds go to “Liberty in North Korea,” (LiNK) a “full-time grassroots organization in North America devoted to the North Korean human rights and humanitarian crises.”

What LiNK does is quite amazing.  Through “a modern-day underground railroad through China and Southeast Asia, LiNK rescues refugees and helps them to reach freedom.”

So far, the event has confirmed 4,500 people attending. 


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