Candlelight Valentine's Dinner At McDonalds?

Certain McDonalds restaurants are offering candlelight service and tables held with reservations for this Valentine’s Day. 


You can make some romantic “McMemories” under the Golden Arches this year because nothing says “I love you” like a Quarter Pounder with Cheese. 


The Tampa Bay Times  reports:  


One of the 53 Caspers Co. McDonald’s franchises in the Tampa Bay area, this location will be transformed on Friday into a sit-down restaurant, complete with LED candles, tabletop flowers and counter employees retrained as waiters offering table service and refills. They are accepting phone reservations, the first 10 of which will receive complimentary roses.


General manager Ernesto Izquierdo credits service manager Liliana Rofario with the idea.


“She came to me and asked me what I thought. She has three kids and she thought it would be a cool thing for them. Maybe for them it’s a first Valentine’s Day, and they can’t afford to go to a lot of places,” Izquierdo said. “There a misconception that it has to be romantic. It’s about showing someone you love them.”


Generally speaking, romance is not often connected to the term “McNugget,” but if you can’t get a reservation at this late date, maybe this is an option. It certainly could be a good test to see how materialistic your sweetheart really is. 


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