Cartoonists From Around The World Show Solidarity By Penning Heartfelt Drawings

Cartoonist from around the world reacted to today’s terror attacks by drawing a variety of cartoons showing their grief and solidarity for the members of Charlie Hebno and posting their drawings on Twitter.

Here is a list posted by Newsweek

David Pope, political cartoonist for Australia’s The Canberra Times:



Nate Beeler, editorial cartoonist for The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio:



Ann Telnaes, Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist for The Washington Post:

Joep Bertrams, cartoonist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands:



Gary Varvel, editorial cartoonist for The Indianapolis Star in Indiana:



Satish Acharya, editorial cartoonist in Kundapur, India:



YGreck, cartoonist in Québec, Canada:



While some cartoonists did not draw a cartoon, they did post their messages of solidarity. 

Pat Bagley, editorial cartoonist for The Salt Lake Tribune in Utah:



Mark Fiore, Pulitzer-prize winning political animator, whose work appears on the San Francisco Chronicle website and elsewhere:

Graeme MacKay, editorial cartoonist for the Hamilton Spectator in Ontario, Canada:





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