Castro: Obama Rips United States And Compliments Cuba To Visitors

HAVANA, Cuba – While Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is clearly a questionable source, his claim that President Barack Obama ripped the United States while praising Cuba is worth exploring.

In a propaganda piece published on, Castro explains the strong education links between Cuba and Venezuela, and in particular, that country’s dictator, Hugo Chavez.  Castro takes credit for Cuban doctors training Venezuelan doctors in classrooms “properly equipped by the Venezuelan government.”  Then Castro went on to make an astonishing claim.  He writes:

“President Obama knows this only too well and has talked about it with some of his visitors. He candidly told one of them: ‘The problem is that the United States sends soldiers while Cuba, however, sends doctors.’”

Really? That’s what our commander-in-chief said to visitors, presumably at the White House?

Is it any wonder our standing in the world continues to diminish?