China Seizes 8,000 Rolls of Toilet Paper Printed With Image of Hong Kong Chief

Chinese police have seized some 8,000 rolls of toilet paper that have been imprinted with the face of the territory’s pro-Beijing chief executive, Leung Chun-ying.

Lo Kin-hei, a vice-chairman of Hong Kong’s liberal Democratic party, said on Saturday that authorities also seized another 20,000 packages of tissue paper emblazoned with Leung’s face. 

The rolls were to be sold during Chinese New Year celebrations later this month, Lo said. 

The seizure came after huge pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong shook Chinese leaders, who have refeused to grant greater electoral freedom from Beijing. During the demonstrations, protesters expressed called Leung a puppet and demanded he step down.

Weirdly, some 4,000 rolls of toilet paper with Leung’s image sold out at last year’s seasonal market. Then again, this year’s offerings went a bit further: One has him bearing two fangs, and another has the word “lying” on his forehead. 

“I guess they don’t like people mocking government officials, especially high-ranking government officials, after the movement,” Lo said. “They have become more cautious about criticisms about them.”


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