Chris Pratt Eyed To Revive Indiana Jones Franchise

This is going to be a rant.  There is no denying that. 

Leave Indy alone.  We don’t want a new one and we don’t think it needs to be revived.  Yes, Disney has reinvigorated the Star Wars series and it looks pretty cool, but Indiana Jones is sacred.  He is the last great swashbuckling American hero.

You know, kind of like the Holy Grail.  

Chris Pratt is the man Disney wants to take over the franchise.  Don’t get me wrong, he is a super fun actor and would probably make a cool archeologist hero, but he is no Nazi-fighting, whip-swinging, gun-toting, tank-riding, catacomb-dwelling, snake-hating, idol-snatching Harrison Ford.  Never will be.  You can’t fill Indy’s shoes.  Shia Labeouf tried and failed miserably   

Does Disney realize they are “meddling with powers they can’t possibly comprehend?”  Do they understand that Indiana belongs in a museum? 

If Disney really wants to do something to help the Indiana Jones franchise, they would disown the fourth installment (I will not name it) and bury it somewhere the world will never see it again.  Preferably without an “X” because if Indiana has taught us all one thing, its that “X never, ever marks the spot.”

Disney has not commented on the news.


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