Christian Billboard To Light Up Times Square For New Year’s Eve

Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum and Answers in Genesis, has announced there will be a digital billboard carrying a 15-second Christian message for the million or so spectators that will gather in Times Square in New York City to countdown the New Year.

The theme of the billboard is freedom. It reads:

To all of our intolerant liberal friends, thank God for freedom. Brought to you by and the first amendment.

The simple screen and text is displayed over a white cross.

Ham explains:

This special digital billboard will challenge the secularists who are increasingly intolerant of the Christian message. It is AiG’s way of bringing the greatest symbol of the gospel message — the Cross — to millions of people in Times Square as well as to millions more watching the famous ball drop on TV at 11:59 PM on Wednesday evening. It’s also our way of saying AiG is tired of the increasing intolerance of the Christian message in this culture, and it’s time we stood up boldly and very publicly and engaged the minority of people who are successfully infiltrating this generation with the religion of atheism.

The billboard, located just above the CNN sign in Times Square, will display its message through New Year’s Day, then at other locations around NYC for the next several weeks. It was also announced that the billboard will appear in other locations in America and abroad. 


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