Christie: ‘Allow These Officers to Be Laid to Rest’

In an interview Monday with, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie criticized those who were trying to score “political points” after the murder of NYPD officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjiun Liu, calling instead for calm and a chance for the grieving families to lay their loved ones to rest.’s Steve Adubato began the discussion by asking Christie if he agreed with Rudy Giuliani’s scathing criticism of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Al Sharpton, both of whom Giuliani blamed for creating the anti-police sentiment that  in part led to the execution-style murder of the two officers in Brooklyn Saturday. Christie responded by denouncing the politicizing of the tragedy and saying the focus now should be on the officers and those grieving their deaths:

Adubato: Rudy Giuliani, who is very supportive you, a former U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York, former presidential candidate, has spoken out loudly on this. Rudy Giuliani has said that the mayor of New York City, Mayor Di Blasio, as well as Al Sharpton, have created an environment that in many ways has contributed – they have contributed to open season on cops. An environment where cops are now more vulnerable than ever before. Was he right?

Christie: Well, I’ll tell you this, one of the things that disturbs me about the entire conversation that we’re having right now is that it seems like lots of people are trying to score political points here. And what I’m thinking about as we sit three days away from Christmas are those two families of those two police officers who will not have them at their dinner table at Christmastime. Who won’t have them there to open up the presents under the Christmas tree. Who will not have them, not only just this Christmas but every Christmas from now on, going forward.

And I think before we get all into all of that analysis, it may be time for everybody in this region, and around the country, to take a deep breath and to think about the loss that’s been suffered by these two families. And to take some time out to pray for them and for their families. And I think the rest of it – there’s plenty of time for us to discuss it but, I’m not going to be someone who’s going to participate in this at the moment. I’d rather allow these police officers to be laid to rest, let these families grieve and have all of us as a society think about what that means.

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