Chuck Todd’s Utopia: Public Schools Would Improve If Wealthy Removed Kids From Private

NBC’s Chuck Todd had an idea during Sunday’s Meet the Press: The way to improve public schools is for wealthy parents to move their children from private school to government-run schools.

And the chancellor of D.C. Public Schools, Kaya Henderson, agreed.

Henderson was explaining to Todd that Washington, D.C., is now the “fastest improving urban school district in the country.” She cited rises in test scores, student satisfaction, and a resurgence in satisfied teachers as contributing to the improvements.

“Most importantly,” Henderson said, “families are choosing DCPS after 40 years of decline.”

Todd interjected, “I was just going to say if there were more Washington, D.C., residents who sent their kids to public schools rather than private schools, particularly in the wealthier areas, do you think D.C. public schools would have more attention? 

Henderson responded:

Well, I actually think we’re getting attention because for the third year in a row now, we’ve seen radical increases in the number of kids coming. Families are coming back from private schools, from charter schools, to DCPS. People want — are demanding — good neighborhood schools. And the only time that public school systems are great is when the community demands it, and the government works with the community to deliver.

Henderson should get in touch with President Obama. He has sent his two daughters to Sidwell Friends, a private school that charges more than $30,000 per year. No chance he’d put his own kids in DC public schools. 


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