CNN Names Brittany Maynard ‘Extraordinary Person Of 2014’ For Killing Herself

Last November, leftists across the nation excitedly welcomed into their ranks a new hero in their battle to shove euthanasia and assisted suicide, a.k.a “death with dignity,” down Americans’ throats when 29-year-old Brittany Maynard publicly announced she would kill herself under Oregon’s “Death with Dignity Act” after being diagnosed with an incurable brain cancer.

After multiple weeks of controversy while conservatives pleaded with Maynard not to take her own life, including several heartfelt letters and videos from other terminally ill brain cancer patients, Brittany Maynard ended her life by way of medication. The mainstream media would later hail her as an “advocate for death with dignity.”

Now, just a little over a month later, CNN has resurrected Maynard and included her on their “11 Extraordinary People of 2014” list for doing absolutely nothing other than turning her suicide into a public spectacle. CNN states:

Terminal cancer patient Brittany Maynard touched people around the world when she announced in October that she would soon end her own life legally under Oregon’s “Death with Dignity” law. Her example sparked a widespread debate about the rights of people with incurable illnesses to determine how and when they will die. Maynard followed through on her plans in November, dying on her own terms.

This is CNN.


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