Coach Of The Year Goes Off On Participation Trophies

Louisville women’s basketball coach, Jeff Walz, went on tangent about participation trophies, and how parents have coddled Millennials. Naturally, Millennials assumed he was attacking them because Millennials always think criticism of participation trophies is an attack on them because Millennials think everything is about them. Their parents ensured they were raised that way.

I got news for you cupcakes … we were telling your stupid parents that participation trophies were going to lead to you being exactly the kind of young adults you turned out to be. We know it was your parent’s fault. We warned them … repeatedly. They ignored us. That doesn’t change the fact that society still has to deal with your crap.

I’m only one year removed from being a Millennial, and my wife is one. I’m not some old curmudgeon spouting off through the looking glass. Trust me, there was plenty of criticism of my generation too, and justifiably so. The warnings weren’t heeded.

Most generations have a mix of good, bad, and all forms in between. I’ve not seen a generation more divided between stellar, and useless as I see in Millennials. Their best are some of the best in history. Their worst are about as useless as it gets. It’s not just American kids either. You’ve heard me refer to the precious snowflakes as ‘strawberries’ on the show. That’s what the Chinese call their Millennials. They are soft and bruise easily. They are a byproduct of a comfortable modern world where little sacrifice is ever necessary, and coddling parenting strategies that forbid discipline and hurting feelings.

Drawing attention to the outcome of one’s actions is not an attack on a generation, it’s a fact based observation of a result of those actions. It serves as an illustrative point to highlight what not to do in the future.

Now onto the coach …

Bravo coach, bravo.