Comatose Woman Gives Birth To Healthy Baby

In yet another example of how modern medicine can be used to give rather than take life, a Russian woman in Moscow has given birth to a healthy baby after being comatose for two months from being hit by a train.

In the third trimester of her pregnancy, 31-year-old Kudrina suffered severe head injuries while waiting for the train when she lost her balance and stumbled forward, hitting her head against the moving train twice before her husband saved her. The baby suffered no injury in the accident and emerged safely from the womb by way of Caesarean two months later.

Named Maria, the little baby girl weighs 1 pound, 1.6 ounces and measures 15 inches long. While the husband certainly appreciates the miracle, he hopes for a second miracle: his wife waking up.

A similar situation occurred in Texas in winter 2013-2014, when a pregnant woman suffered a pulmonary embolism and fell into a coma. In that case, however, she was pronounced permanently brain-dead and the family wanted to take her off life support. Pro-choice activists rallied to their cause. After a legal struggle between the family and the hospital over the interpretation of Texas law, the unborn child was determined to be no longer viable and the woman was taken off life support


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