Contractors Working On Clogged Toilet Find FETUS Inside Of Sewer Pipe



(NBC Philadelphia By DAVID CHANG) – Police are investigating the discovery of a fetus inside a sewer pipe at a Kensington home.


It happened at a house on the 800 block of East Russell Street on Monday.

Police say contractors were working on a clogged toilet in the basement of the home when they found what appeared to be a human fetus in the sewer pipe.

Police currently don’t know the exact age of the fetus though they say it appeared to be three to four-months-old. They also won’t know the exact cause of death until the autopsy is complete.

Police interviewed a couple in their 60′s who live in the home. They are investigating whether anything criminal occurred.

“It may not be a crime scene,” said Chief Inspector Scott Small of the Philadelphia Police. “We’re still going to look into how developed the child was. But at this point it appears that someone may have had a miscarriage.”

A “for rent” sign stood outside the home. Police say it’s possible the couple who lived there may have rented a room to someone who was pregnant. Police continue to investigate