Cracker Barrel Fires Veteran For Giving Muffin To Homeless Man, & Why I Support Them

Vietnam veteran, 73, loses job at Cracker Barrel after giving muffin to needy man | Fox News.

Koblenzer told WWSB that on the day he was fired, a man who looked like he may be asked him for mayonnaise and tartar sauce.

“He said he was going to cook fish,” Koblenzer told the station.

Koblenzer said he got the man the condiments, and added a corn to the bag as he handed it over.

The kindness cost the Vietnam vet his job, but he understands why he was fired.

Can’t wait to talk about this on Monday’s show.

Let’s all acknowledge that this man was helping a fellow person in need, and that is commendable.

Now that that is out of the way …

Why did he just ‘give’ the muffin to this man?  Why didn’t he buy it for him?  Something tells me if he had, he’d still have a job. Conservatives are always, rightly, complaining about how it’s easy to be charitable with other people’s money (i.e. government welfare), but it’s another thing altogether to be charitable with your own.

Sure it’s just one muffin … this time.  If each restaurant gave just one muffin to a homeless person each week, that could add up to thousands of dollars.  Suddenly it’s not such a small thing.  It’s like those hungry children charity commercials telling you ‘It’s just a dollar a day.  Have coffee at home.”  Uh no, it’s about $30 a month, and $365 a year.  You are asking me to commit to a $365 bill. It may be a worthy cause, but stop trying to deceive me in order to get to my wallet.

And what happens when the homeless learn of employee’s charity, and start sleeping in the restaurant’s dumpsters, and hanging out in the parking lot hitting their customers up for ‘change’?  That drives away business, and creates uncomfortable, and potentially contentious altercations between staff and vagrants.  I know, I’ve personally seen it after fellow employees took on a homeless man as a charity case when I was 16 at the restaurant I worked.  Guess who was ‘volunteered’ to remove the man.  Guess what nice older man who wouldn’t hurt a fly turned into a violent raving lunatic (luckily there was no fisticuffs).

What this man did was right … in spirit.  How he did it was selfish, and wrong.  At least he’s owning up to it, and taking responsibility.