Crazy Randy Quaid Humps Wife Wearing Rupert Murdoch Mask

On Tuesday, Independence Day star Randy Quaid posted a Youtube video that featured him humping his wife while she wore a Rupert Murdoch mask.

While his wife Evi sits stone-faced in the background, the video begins with the 64-year-old Quaid, sporting a bushy beard and a beanie, ranting to the camera about having been ripped off by several Warner Brothers and News Corp. executives for roles he played in both Independence Day and Christmas Vacation.

Among the charges he levels against are having his house stolen by Warner Bros. exec Bruce Berman; having his name slandered by The New York Post; and having been falsely arrested six times by TMZ or “PMC” as he calls it, meaning “Police Media Corruption.” 

In what can only be described as reality mimicking art, Quaid then removes his jacket to reveal a tacky Hawaiian shirt, which he alleges as “the very same shirt” he wore in Independence Day when he “saved the world,” before exclaiming to the Rupert Murdoch “you want to f*ck me, I’m going to f*ck you.”

Handing his wife a makeshift Rupert Murdoch mask for her to wear, the two then give it a go from behind while Quaid shouts his famous “I’m baaaack!” line from Independence Day amidst the excruciating sounds of their barking dog.

Quaid has been going down the dark path for quite some time now. After several run-ins with the law, mostly felony charges related to allegedly living in a guest house without the owner’s permission, Quaid then went full conspiracy theory and alleged that Hollywood had a secret shadow organization called the “Star Whackers” that were out to kill him and several other industry actors. 


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