Cruz Sidesteps Rick Perry's 'Republican Barack Obama' Dig

Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Rick Perry was just throwing rocks when he compared the Texas senator to Barack Obama — “a young, untested United States senator whose policies have really failed.” 

In an interview Thursday with The Washington Post and the Texas Tribune, former Texas Gov. Rick Perry was asked his thoughts on having Cruz as a potential challenger in the 2016 presidential elections. Here is what he said:

It’s one of the selling points, if you will, to the American people as they decide who is going to follow Barack Obama. I think they’re going to make a rather radical shift away from a young, untested United States senator whose policies have really failed.

CNN’s Dana Bash read Perry’s comments to Cruz, who was a guest on Sunday’s State of the Union, and said, “Ouch! He’s calling you the Republican Barack Obama.”

Cruz responded:

Listen, I like Rick Perry. He was a good governor in the state of Texas. He’s a friend of mine. People occasionally throw rocks in politics, that’s his choice. I’m going say I think he did a good and effective job as governor of our state.

“Okay, taking the high road there,” said Bash.

Cruz told Bash that he is “very seriously” considering a run in the 2016 elections.


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