Cruz Traveling To Shore Up For 2016

Undaunted by the entrance of Jeb Bush into the 2016 presidential race as well as recent polls showing Scott Walker heading the list of prospective presidential candidates, Sen. Ted Cruz is traveling to three different locations to shore up his chances of mounting a serious challenge for the 2016 GOP nomination. Cruz has scheduled a trip to Germany, where he will participate in an international security conference, along with nine other senators and five House members. Cruz said the conference was “a unique opportunity to hear the perspective of various world leaders on these issues, and gain valuable insight on how the United States might help offset the disastrous policy decisions being made by our current administration.”

Cruz announced his intention to go to Munich in a statement that clearly signaled his readiness handle foreign affairs; he said, “We are in a moment of global crisis. ISIS is burning people alive, the Iranians are pursuing a nuclear weapon and Putin is redrawing the map of Europe in a way that hasn’t been seen since the end of World War II. All while this administration seems more focused on de-stabilizing the government of one of our closest allies than confronting any of these challenges,” he said, referring to Israel.

Cruz will head for New Hampshire for a March 15 keynote speech at the Grafton County GOP dinner, preparing for that state’s early primary in 2016. He will revisit Iowa on March 7 for the first Iowa Agriculture Summit, after traveling there only two weeks ago.


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