CURTIS: Is Intel in Bed With an Anti-Semite?

Recently, Intel announced at CES 2015 that they were planning to invest three hundred million dollars to improve diversity within the tech field. This money will go to actively support hiring and retaining more women and “under-represented minorities” along funding programs to support more positive representation within both technology and gaming industries. Alongside this announcement, Intel also put forward the groups that they would be working with to create new programs (or enhance them) for this particular initiative. However, one of those groups, online show Feminist Frequency, may be hiding an anti-free speech, anti-capitalism, anti-Semite by the name of Jonathan McIntosh.

Jonathan McIntosh states that he is a “pop culture hacker” and “transformative storyteller.” One of his claims to fame are viral YouTube videos called “Buffy vs Edward” and “Donald Duck meets Glen Beck.” The latter video was actually addressed by Beck, calling it the “best propaganda he had ever seen.” To be more direct to McIntosh’s efforts and life, he has his finger in many pies. He sits on the board of the New Media Rights group, is an advisor to Silverstring Media (which has been linked to many major video game sites such as Destructoid, Giant Bomb, Kotaku, and Polygon), and also is the writer and video producer for the aforementioned Feminist Frequency series of videos.

He is also vehemently anti-Israel. Over the years, McIntosh has been at many anti-Israel rallies, using his photography skills to put forward an anti-Israel message. His work can be seen on Boston Indymedia, The Electronic Intifada, and a .PDF file from Each one credits McIntosh, and the Boston Indymedia and Electronic Intifada link back to an old site of McIntosh’s called McIntosh has taken the site down recently, but it didn’t stop the citizens of the internet to archive his website, proving that it is the same McIntosh from Feminist Frequency that is attending these anti-Israel rallies.

McIntosh’s anti-Israel sentiment also crosses into the realm of social media. A very active Twitter user, McIntosh has been very outspoken on his feelings about Israel. He has called Mark Regev, Chief Spokesperson for the Prime Minister of Israel “Orwellian” and a “PR Spin Doctor”, and also has gone to the length to question Regev’s humanity.  He has called Israel an apartheid state, saying that actions in Gaza are nothing more than a land grab. He has even laid the creation of the infamous computer virus Stuxnet at the feet of the United States and Israel, despite no proof existing that either country had a hand in it. His idea on Israel’s ongoing conflict with Palestine is that it is “part of their plan to prop up internal power structures.”

Though McIntosh’s ramblings about power structures, the evils of capitalism, and third wave feminism have resulted in the creating of the #FullMcIntosh hashtag to show his lunacy, the reality of the person is much more disturbing. The idea that Intel (currently ranked 53 on the Fortune 500) is getting into a business relationship with such a person is incredibly concerning. It goes without saying that many of Intel’s customer base would not be happy to hear that they are getting into bed with a far left radical such as Jonathan McIntosh. Diversity is never a bad thing, but Intel may want to look into putting their three hundred million into a different group than Feminist Frequency.

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