D.C.’s Female Police Chief Spoils Chuck Todd’s ‘Women In Charge’ Segment

Washington D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier spoiled Chuck Todd’s I’m-so-happy-women-are-in-powerful-positions-instead-of-men segment during Sunday’s Meet the Press when she said a person’s gender makes no difference in doing your job correctly.

Todd highlighted, several times I might add, the “uniqueness” that his female guests are holding three of the most powerful positions in the nation’s capitol despite a predominately male-saturated market. His all female guests currently hold the positions of mayor, public school superintendent and police chief.

And it was that police chief who took Todd to task in his “Women in Charge” segment. 

Their conversation is below:

Todd: Chief, let me go back to the uniqueness of the fact that three women are running these three — you probably have the toughest aspect of this of a woman in leadership role with a majority of men on the force. Why have you succeeded in this, seven years now, as chief? 

Lanier: Well, you know, I don’t think your gender matters in this line of work. Like most uniform services, if you come to work and work hard every day and you have a reputation for being a hard worker, cops really don’t care if you are male or female, or black or white, and nor does the community. I’ve been here 24 years. I love this city and I love my police department, so I really haven’t had any issues.

Does that clear it up, Chuck?


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