Daily Show Prep: Friday, July 1

Mike Pence to Meet With Trump, Being Vetted as Potential VP – NBC News

NBC News has learned the Trump campaign is moving into a new phase of the running mate search: the interviews. Today, Indiana Governor will travel to meet with this weekend. Sources tell NBC News Pence is being formally vetted for consideration to join the Trump ticket.

FBI Agents Reportedly ‘Livid’ About Lynch-Clinton Meeting — and ‘Not Just Because of the Optics’ | TheBlaze.com

“Not just because of the optics and the bad appearance, but also because Bill is a potential target, a potential witness intricately involved in the second part of the investigation,” Baier said. “And that is the corruption investigation into the possible mishandling, misdealings with the Foundation.”

One Man’s Journey To Build Portable Concrete 3D Printer Produces Its First Tiny House | Hackaday

[Alex Le Roux] want to 3D print houses.  Rather than all the trouble we go through now, the contractor would make a foundation, set-up the , feed it , and go to lunch.

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Professor Who Popularized Microaggressions Says Universities Have Gone Too Far – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Sue is concerned that these universities have missed the point. It was never about shaming or punishing people, he says. In fact, he doesn’t think that people who commit are necessarily racist or sexist.

AI Consistently Slaughtered Expert Pilot In Aerial Combat | The Daily Caller

An Artificially Intelligent (AI) pilot developed by a doctoral student defeated a top Air Force pilot in a series of simulated long range, tactical air battles.

Former Navy SEAL Becomes the First Person to Die in Self-Driving Car | TheBlaze.com

A driver so enamored of his Model S sedan that he nicknamed the “Tessy” and praised the safety benefits of its sophisticated “Autopilot” system has become the first U.S. fatality in a wreck involving a in self-driving mode.

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10 Buildings Made With Bones | Mental Floss

Judge: ChristianMingle Must Include Gays | The Daily Caller

, an online platform for single Christians seeking relationships, must accommodate gay users, a California judge ruled.

“White Woman Of Color” Feels Guilty For Not Being Oppressed

The SJWs appear to have crossed over into new territory. This half Croatian, half Lebanese college student gives a speech about how she is a “white woman of color”, and how she is not judged or profiled like other students who wear hijabs. She feels guilty that she is seen as “an innocent doe eyed white girl… I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not receiving the same treatment that my fellow Arabs are given. And it hurts me, knowing that I cannot feel the same pain that my people possess”