New York couple commit suicide ‘over health care costs’ | Daily Mail Online

The couple who jumped to their deaths from a 17-story New York City office building Friday morning, after struggling with debt, have been identified.

Article has been changed from when I first read it to remove numerous references to as the reason for their suicide.

The night John McCain killed the GOP’s health-care fight – The Washington Post

A seven-year quest to undo the Affordable Care Act collapsed — at least for now — as Sen. (R-Ariz.) kept his colleagues and the press corps in suspense over a little more than two hours late Thursday into early Friday.

John McCain Releases Statement After Screwing GOP, Americans by Killing Obamacare Repeal

Senator McCain released a statement after he killed .

Dems Show Single-Payer Hypocrisy With “Present” Vote | NTK Network

Single-payer received zero votes in the U.S. Senate on Thursday, as 57 senators voted against an amendment that would establish ‘Medicare-for-all’ and 43 senators voted “present.”

Study: Women Are Happier With Less Attractive | The Daily Caller

A new study shows that women are happier when their significant other is uglier than them, Maxim reports.

Senate Witness William Browder Testifies that Fusion GPS Worked for Russia

, a U.S.-born investor who championed a U.S. sanctions law against Russia, testified to the on Thursday that Fusion GPS, the firm that created the Trump dossier, had also worked for Russia.

75% of the media coverage is on Russia, yet just 6% of voters see it as a top issue – Red Alert Politics

According to a study by the Media Research Center, a whopping 75 percent of recent evening news coverage by the major networks focused on the Russia-Trump probes. The latest to-do with Kushner will only inflate that number.

George Washington’s Mount Vernon Becomes Gun-Free Zone – Breitbart

is most certainly turning in his grave now that his beloved Mount Vernon has been turned into yet another dangerous ‘gun-free zone’ for all visitors. It amazes me how little some know about criminal or terrorist behavior. It is not in the nature of either to obey laws, much less somebody’s ‘policy.’ This policy should be reversed as an anathema to the very rights which Washington fought to protect.

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IRS makes shocking discovery as to why they have so many “problematic employees” – Hot Air Hot Air

According to an internal IRS audit, one key reason has been discovered. After they identify and eliminate a delinquent worker, they keep hiring them back the following year without bothering to ask why they were let go the last time.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: Awan Bros Helped Wasserman Schultz Screw Bernie Sanders Campaign – Taught Her How to Disguise Calls (VIDEO)

There is evidence now that at least one of these brothers was helping her to do the malevolent activities.

FLASHBACK: Debbie Wasserman Schultz Uses Voice Changer to Call Law Firm Suing DNC – Forgets to Disable Caller ID!

Breaking News:

Reince Priebus fired.


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Poll: Republicans think courts should be able to shut down media that’s “biased or inaccurate,” 45/20 – Hot Air Hot Air

Media wars: 34% of Americans approve court-ordered fines for biased or inaccurate news stories – Washington Times

A majority of Americans — 51 percent — now disapprove of the news media’s treatment of , a sentiment shared by 77 percent of Republicans and even 26 percent of Democrats. Another 53 percent don’t like the way Mr. Trump deals with the media as well; 23 percent of the GOPers and 79 percent of Democrats agree.